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Em-Broy-Duh-Ree. Embroidery is defined by dictionary.reference.com as "decorate[ing] (cloth) by

sewing patterns on it with thread" (2015). Here at Tack, the cloth we decorate is primarily polos, hats,

and jackets for companies that like to wear their logos proudly! 


Embroidery is a relatively simple process--well, it's really simple when you have a professional like

us! Sondra joined the Tack team in August of 2014 and brought her sewing and embroidery talents with

her. We opened the Shawnee store and she started sewing and hasn't stopped since--with the

exception of a few Sonic runs! 

  Before we begin the embroidery process, customers send us their design ideas. Sometimes this

is as simple as a company's logo that's been around for 100 years. Other times, we create a custom

design that satisfies their needs. Once the logo is finalized, Sondra digitizes it in her fancy software.

Digitizing allows Sondra to program the design into the embroidery machine and transfer it to a shirt, a

bag, a hat--you name it. Digitizing sometimes takes a while, but once your logo is digitized, we keep it

on file forever in case you need to use it again! 


Next, Sondra does a "sew-out." A sew-out is a real-live sample of the artwork that a customer can

see in person. Sondra keeps all her sew-outs on a "wall of fame" in the back of the Shawnee store.

After the sew-out is approved by the customer, we order all of the apparel. Once it arrives, we get to


  Before embroidery can begin, Sondra has to prepare the machine: choose the right thread color,

clean out old threads, prepare sharp sewing needles, program designs, and all kinds of things! Once

this is done, Sondra takes each piece of apparel and "hoops" it. A hoop stretches out the material so

she can embroider it. For our current machine, we can embroider four separate things at once! This

is pretty handy  when Sondra needs to embroider 400 hats for one customer! 


After Sondra finishes, she packs up the boxes neatly and has them delivered to our customers! 

We would love to embroider for you! Call us today! 405-275-3400

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